Tree Removal in Brisbane

General Tree Removal in Warner, Brisbane

Although we try to save trees as much as possible, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove a tree (especially when decay and root death render a tree hazardous). We hope it can be replanted with a new one if it needs removal.

Tree Removals are performed with safety being our highest priority, while minimizing invasiveness in your landscape. Every tree varies in size and location and Tony with his staff can easily access the most practical method to safely remove any sized tree in any location. We are fully trained and equipped to handle any tree removal in Brisbane, in an efficient manner.  The trunk will be cut as close to the ground as possible, or maybe you would prefer to have it ground out so that you can re-plant or renovate the area at a later date.

Tree Removal is recommended when:

  • A tree is dead or dying
  • A tree is considered hazardous and cannot be salvaged
  • A tree is an obstruction that cannot be corrected by pruning
  • A tree is crowding other trees and causing harm
  • A tree needs to be replaced with a more suitable variety
  • A tree is to be removed to allow for new construction

 Check Before You Cut Down Trees

Please remember, we have many trees that have some form of tree protection on them. If your tree is protected then there is a good reason for it. Protections placed on trees or property by authorities are not just slapped on, large amounts of research is needed before the protection gets put into place. However, it has been observed many times that all the information does not always get to the tree or property owner. So unfortunately, at times, the owners either don’t understand the protection or worse don’t even know their is a protection in place. There are many different types of protections and they can carry different restrictions as to what can be done to a tree. We can help you here, we can sit down and explain it all to you in simple layman terms.

Some services on trees do not require a formal application to the Local council. It is advisable however, to check with the Local Authority in order to avoid misunderstanding.

  • It is the tree owners responsibility to ensure they know if their trees are protected in some way.
  • We can conduct the enquiry on your behalf to ensure total compliance with the Tree Protection Order.
  • We work alongside various councils to uphold the rules and constraints of the trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order and trees in conservation areas.

Types of Tree Removal in Brisbane

  • Tree Felling – Felling allows the arborist to fell the whole tree from the ground.
  • Sectional felling – Sectional felling means that the tree is felled in sections. These are usually rigged down to prevent damage to your property. If the tree has become unsafe to climb and cannot be felled, a work platform (cherry picker) or crane may be required to make sure the whole operation is safe. Additionally, we will remove the felled tree and leave the ground in a clean and safe manner. In some cases, we can leave the logs and chipping’s if requested and where practical.
  • Dangerous Trees – It is usually fairly obvious if a tree is dead or dying. A dangerous tree is much harder to ascertain as to what is the safest method to remedy, if at all possible or total removal may be the only option.

Trees of all different shapes,sizes and ages can fall victim to disease and decay. Unfortunately again the symptoms can go unnoticed for far too long, causing devastating effects to the trees surroundings. If trees do go untreated, it can be your garden, your home, your car, or even yourself who can suffer the consequences of a dangerous tree.

It is important to make sure that you regularly have your trees inspected and maintained by a qualified tree surgeon. This can ensure a long and prosperous life for your trees and could save a tree from being totally removed (when it does not need to be). It could also save you from high mental stress and financial loss.

Do not underestimate the brutal force of a decaying or dead tree. Treat your trees with respect, and care for them; so that they can help care for you, your family and the environment.