Tree Inspections, Surveys and Reports

Trees need to be regularly inspected as part of a long term management plan. A Tree Survey can be carried out either as a ground or aerial visual inspection, which looks at the tree’s current condition and any remedial recommendations suggested.

We carry out both Ground and Aerial Assessment


Ground Tree Inspections:-This method gathers information by visually assessing your tree’s health and condition or identify any possible hazards seen from the ground.


Aerial Tree Inspections This method gathers more information on findings not seen from just standing on the ground but by climbing the tree.

Certain structural defects in trees are easily seen from the ground, whereas others are better diagnosed when climbing the tree. There is always the possibility however of hidden areas hiding such things as defects and decay under the bark and in the stump underground.

Remember in real terms there is no such thing as a safe tree but good maintenance by professionals ensures a safer tree.

When a customers asks if a tree is safe all we can do is evaluate and assess the tree in concern.

The goal here is to assess the tree and to ascertain the possible amount of risk the tree possesses.

Tree owners have a responsibility to ensure their trees are healthy and assessed for risks especially when they have the capacity to cause damage to third parties.

In regards to a growing tree there is always a risk of tree or limb failure. The cause of a failure can be blamed on one of two things;

  1. Act of God – An event or occurrence due to natural causes which occurs independently of human intervention and either could not be foreseen, or if foreseen, could not be reasonably guarded against. (e.g. storm, flood, earthquake, cyclone).
  2. Negligence – Failure to take reasonable care to avoid foreseeable harm to other people or their property.

Negligence is the loser in litigation! Don’t be a loser!

Costs Involved

Depth of detail that you may require can vary greatly from tree to tree and property to property, and the very reason for the report in the fist place. So please contact us, we can sort out an estimate on doing an Arborist Report.