Wood Chipper Services Brisbane

Chipping branches for easy compost regenerating.

We chip from 0 inch to 16 inch wide timber. Anything chipped on your site is yours to keep, if you want it back, just ask.

Please note: The properties in some mulch may have an adverse affect on your garden. Please ask us about the suitability of your mulch.

Good reasons you may not want to keep your tree mulch:-

• If your tree died prematurely

• If your tree Showed signs of diseases

• If your tree suffered from pests

• If your tree was of a weed species

 Fresh mulch is good mulch, and seasoned mulch is better.

The chip created from your trees will be available for you to keep for use as mulch, providing you let us know prior to setting the truck up and that we can either have a clear area to spray the mulch straight from the chipper or tip them from the truck into a pile. What you don’t want, we take it away to a place where they will be used as mulch or recycled into compost.

Your wood can be cut into logs for you to keep for burning. If you don’t have a use for it then we’ll take them somewhere where they are needed, either for burning or recycling.  All material generated from our work is recycled and put to good use. Nothing goes to landfill!

Our Little Green Act

Tony believes in that protecting and preserving the environment is paramount to our business because it is our business. That’s why we aim to go as far as we can when it comes to conserving the environment. We are a green energy resource company producing thousands of tons per year to supply and support clean air acts. Recycling and reuse of your clean wood waste not only reduces your costs, but also enhances the future of our environment. Nothing green we remove goes to the dump; it gets reused and put back into the environment to enhance our children’s future.

Chipper Hire Available

You choose the number of operators; this can be at an hourly rate or quote by job.

Wood Splitting

Onsite wood splitting of your trees or logs, this can be at an hourly rate or quote by job.